venetian blinds fitted for privacy by Zodiac Interiors

Venetian blinds fitted for privacy

Venetian blinds fitted to your windows are a great way to add privacy

Venetian blinds are a perfect match for those seeking a privacy blind with a streamlined sleek look.

Highly customizable based on slat size, color and stain, these work well for most windows and provide a variety of light-blocking options.

The blinds mimic traditional shutters and rotate from an open position to a closed position.

Venetian blinds are designed so that it is still be possible to see out of them, even when they’ve been lowered into place for use.

Yes its true, your privacy can remain intact even when your blinds are open and you can still see out of them. Tilting your venetian blinds at certain angles ensures that people cannot see into your property but amazingly can still see out .

venetian blinds fitted for privacy by Zodiac Interiors

We recently fitted venetian blinds for privacy in Cornwall

Our customers room fronted the road outside and they really wanted privacy from the outside world…who can blame them. We fitted aluminium venetian blinds to the bottom windows only to ensure light flooded in at the top. When needed, the blinds are there to tilt or close, depending on our customers requirements

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