Are you thinking of fitting blinds to your windows in Cornwall

Are you thinking of fitting blinds to your windows in Cornwall ?

Fitting blinds to your windows may be the perfect solution for your shading, heat and light control requirements.

Here are some questions and answers as to why blinds might be the right thing to cover your windows ….

Can blinds really help to conserve energy?

Yes, absolutely. Independent tests confirm that you can save up to 16% of your household energy bills by fitting energy efficient window blinds in your home. Perfect Fit roller and Perfect Fit cellular blinds come out top of the list with fabrics such as Chenille, Shot Silk, Montana, Organza ESP and Nova cellular being the most efficient.

I have very large windows, do you have blinds to suit large windows?

Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for very wide patio doors/windows since they can be made up to 5 metres wide. If you’re considering a more contemporary feel, then panel blinds can create a really stylish effect with their multiple, stylish fabric panels.

My conservatory gets too hot in the Summer…what do you suggest?

Perfect Fit pleated blinds in the roof and sides of your conservatory will reduce heat build up in summer and also keep it warmer in winter. Perfect Fit can be installed quickly and easily because it’s clipped into place without drilling or screwing any holes. Choose an SPC fabric such as Inspirations SPC that will reflect more light away from the conservatory. You could also fit pleated blinds in the roof and roller blinds in the sides in matching fabrics.

What window blinds are suitable for a kitchen or bathroom ?

For your kitchen we would suggest a moisture resistant fabric such as Carnival. Carnival is also an anti-microbial material that has obvious benefits in an area where food is prepared. Carnival is available in 36 sensational colours as roller, vertical, roman and pleated blinds. For the bathroom, Ex-Lite would be ideal. Available in ten popular colours, this is a plain, PVC fabric that repels moisture so is a good choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to be a little more daring then the bold design of Bloom will brighten up your bathroom and it has the same moisture repellent properties of Ex-Lite.

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Conservatory Blinds in Cornwall provide much needed shade, privacy and regulate temperatures all year round

Conservatory Blinds fitted by Zodiac Interiors in Cornwall will help to keep your conservatory cool in the Summer and help retain heat in the Winter

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home. A conservatory really does offer an unrivalled view of the outside world, allowing you to enjoy your garden and outside space, while also providing a space to sit and relax that is protected from the elements. Whether you use your conservatory as a sitting or dining area, there is no denying that it is a fantastic room that greatly enhances your home.

However, being made predominately from glass means that conservatories will need some form of window coverage, otherwise you sacrifice privacy, insulation, and the ability to control how much natural light fills the area.

Conservatory blinds are therefore a fantastic option, as they not only offer a stylish addition to the room, but also provide many functions that let you make the most out of your conservatory.

How Conservatory Blinds Work

Conservatory blinds are designed to fit the unique measurements of a conservatory. As a conservatory features many different styles of windows, made to measure conservatory blinds from an experienced window blind company is a must.

A custom-made set of blinds ensures that your conservatory is covered perfectly, meaning you get the most out of your conservatory….all year round.

Perfect Fit Blinds – The Perfect Choice for your Conservatory Blinds

The perfect fit blind system is the innovative “blind in a frame” system, that clips onto your conservatory windows via special brackets that require NO DRILLING OR SCREWING…leaving your UPVC conservatory windows are untouched. Perfect fit blinds are minimal and streamlined – there when you need them, and ,close away to nothing when not in use.

Another great option for conservatory blinds are vertical, pleated, venetian and roller blinds, …ensure that the fabric chosen has solar protective qualities as this will give a long trouble free working life for blinds installed in your conservatory, and they will continue looking and working great for years to come

Advantages of Conservatory Blinds

A conservatory is a lovely place to spend time, unless you have no privacy or protection from light

Due to the amount of glass in a conservatory, the light and heat can get quite intense. This is one of the key reasons invest in conservatory blinds, as they allow you to get as much or as little light as desired, not to mention retaining heat!  Blinds will also give you privacy and security, letting you enjoy the peace and tranquility of your conservatory.

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Shutters fitted in Cornwall

Shutters fitted in Cornwall by Zodiac Interiors transform your windows …. from the inside and out

These cafe style shutters were recently fitted by us in St Mawgan, Cornwall

Our customer needed privacy for bottom half only, leaving the top half open to keep the views and let that light flood in.

A cafe style shutter was the perfect option, creating a soft beautiful look

Great handy work by our Dave, master craftsman in shutter installation

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Zephur vertical blinds fabric in gold is a joy to work with and look at

All that glitters is not just gold….

Our new Zephur vertical blinds fabric in gold is a joy to work with and look at.  An opulent translucent vertical blind fabric, it filters light and damaging UV rays, and provides shade and privacy when needed.

Shown here is also our Regency fabric which has high class pinstripe detail and thermal efficiency properties.



Zephur vertical blinds really are a touch of class.

This customer has chosen to have 2 vertical blinds made up in 2 very classy Louvolite vertical blinds fabrics

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