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Add An Awning for the Ultimate Outdoor Space

Create the ultimate outdoor space with a retractable awning. Adding an awning to your home or business can really maximise your exterior.

For example, adding an awning to your home means you can comfortably eat al fresco and entertain, all year round, enjoying your garden to the max.

Adding an awning to your business can provide extra customer areas to drink and eat, increasing your ever important profit margin. An awning can make your business stand out from the crowd and adding sign writing ….your logo or wording perhaps? can be inviting for potential customers.

Check out our latest awning installation at Holywell Bay….in readiness for the Summer season. By adding two awnings to their shop in Holywell Bay, our customer has extra outside space to sell their goods. Adding an awning will also help to regulate the temperature in the shop… particularly useful when you are selling food and drinks.

Visit our website for more ideas on outdoor awnings and shade ideas supplied and fitted right here in Cornwall…


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